Personalised Nutrition

personalised nutrition

About Nutrigenomix

DNA testing is a scientifically-based process. The results highlight which genes may be affecting your health, functioning of your body and overall wellbeing.
How our genes interact with food and lifestyle choices and the supplements we take is the science of Nutrigenomics.
The test is a quick and painless mouth swab test which is sent to the lab which carries out the analysis. It takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Please look at this flyer and example report.

Combined with my diet analysis and your goals you or your family member can have the FULL individualised dietary approach

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Sample Report.pdf
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Completion of pre assessment form

1 x Pre-test assessment health consultation (60 mins)

1 x Complete the test

(mouth swab sent directly to your home)

1 x Completion of food intake record 

Dietitian analysis of food record to assess alongside gene report

1 x Report explaination and goal setting consultation

(60 mins)

1 x Review session (30 mins)

There are different tests and reports depending on what your goals are


Above package = £645

Additional reports/paper copy or face to face sessions will have additional cost

Additonal Blood tests or samples that your GP cannot complete can be requested (additional cost depending on tests) via Medichecks

Microbiome report example.pdf
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Gut Health Tests available on request and assessment alongside diet

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